PNWMDGC Summer Show Entry Form 2021

PNWMDGC Summer Sensations Mini Goat Show 2021
Check-in Friday June 25th 3pm to 7pm, and 7:30am to 8:30am Saturday, June 26th.

Show will start at 9am, Saturday, June 26th.

Entry Form Here

3 Ring MDGA sanctioned Mini Dairy Goat Show
Jr. & Sr. Doe and Jr. & Sr. Buck Show
Our Showmanship Class will be June 25th at 7:00pm.
Senior Does, Junior Does and all Bucks will be shown Saturday, June 26th at 9am.

1900 7th Ave.
Longview, WA 98632

Here is a basic map of the grounds; camping, parking, vendors, etc., all labeled:
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Download the Entry Form Here: Entry Form Here
Once filled out, email to 
Or Mail to:
PNW Mini Dairy Goat Club
c/o Sarah Donaldson
42001 NE Dobler Hill Rd
Woodland, WA 98674

All fees can be sent via Paypal to
Or check made out to “PNW Mini Dairy Goat Club” can be mailed with your Entry Form to the above address.

Below are all the Classes and numbers. You will need to know the class number for each goat to fill out the form:

Starting Saturday, June 26th, at 9am:

Senior Does:
Class 1 – Senior does under 2 years and in milk
Class 2 – Senior does 2 years
Class 3 – Senior does 3 years
Class 4 – Senior does 4 years
Class 5 – Senior does 5 years and older
Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion

Once all Senior Does have been shown, we will break for lunch and milking, 1 1/2 hour break, before resuming with the Senior Doe Best in Show classes, followed directly by the Junior Does.

Best guess, Lunch Break will be at 12-noon, resuming with Sr Does Best in Show classes at 1:30. This may change the day of, so please check with event staff during the show. 

Senior Does:
Best Doe in Show
Best Udder in Show

Junior Does:
Class 6 – Doelings born April, May, June 2010
Class 7 – Doelings born in Jan, Feb, March 2020
Class 8 – Doelings Jr. Yearlings born 6/8/19-12/31/19
Class 9 – Doelings 1 yr & under 2, never freshened
Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion
Best Jr Doe In Show

Junior Bucks:
Class 10 – Bucklings born April, May, June 2020
Class 11 – Bucklings born in Jan, Feb, March 2020
Class 12 – Bucklings born 6/8/19-12/31/19
Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion
Best Jr Buck In Show

Senior Bucks
Class 13 – Bucks 1 year
Class 14 – Bucks 2 years
Class 15 – Bucks 3 years
Class 16 – Bucks 4 years
Class 17 – Bucks 5 years and older
Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion
Best Buck in Show

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