Helping Mini Dairy Goat Breeders of the Pacific Northwest

Started in 2018, Sarah Donaldson & Tiffany Wilcox turned their passion for goats into a huge goal of hosting their first Goat Show in the Pacific Northwest! In 2019, that goal became a reality, and we’ve been able to help other clubs get started around the country!


What We Do

We host 1 Mini Dairy Goat Show Every year, and try to help with atleast 1 other show each year.

We offer a One Day Milk Test Competition at our show, to help locals earn their milk stars, and get bragging rights for being top 5 at our event!

We also are trying to help provide education for breeders, and awareness for locals of the great value in the mini breed dairy goats.

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Why You’ll Love Us

We are VERY personable! We LOVE our animals, and we love the fellow breeders around working so hard to improve the mini breeds! We’re MORE than happy to help, we strongly desire to help!

Our Clubs Goals

  1. To develop and promote Miniature Dairy Goats in the Pacific Northwest (PNW).
  2. To help promote the breeding and raising of high-quality Miniature Dairy Goats in PNW
  3. To educate the public as to the value of the Miniature Dairy Goats and dairy goat products.
  4. To help educate in all phases of dairy goat husbandry.
  5. To promote and encourage the exhibition of all Miniature Dairy Goats in the PNW.
  6. To encourage Mini breeders participation and involvement in national registration organizations. i.e. IDGR, MDGA and TMGR.
  7. To develop youth interest in Miniature Dairy Goats and their knowledge of Mini Dairy Goat production by partnering with organizations such as FFA and 4-H.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.




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